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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Asian Aesthetic Center: Freeze and Melt Fat Away Permanently

Is it possible to freeze and melt fat away? This is one big question that we attempt to solve but first we must understand how body fat functions in our body.

Body fat as defined in many books is categorized as adipose tissue which is a normal component of the human body. Its primary purpose is to store energy in the form of fat that is then needed for metabolic functions within the body. However, having excess body fat can be physiologically harmful and at the same time can negatively affect one’s appearance. Thus the idea of the possibility to melt fat away comes to mind when all else failed.

Can body fat be destroyed?

Unfortunately, fat cells are indestructible since our body has a constant number of fat cells that will remain in our lifetime. However, fat cells can be reduced or shrink in size through various methods like freeze and melt fat away.

You see, when people lose weight their fat cells are also reduce in size but the body will signal the need to rebuild the shrunken fat cells thus the tendency to gain more weight after slimming down is higher. This is when frustration about getting rid of body fat comes into place. This is when most people would give up the fight against being overweight and obesity. However, there is a way to melt fat away through an effective method that Asian Aesthetic Center can best provide.

What is Melt and Freeze The Fat Away?
Asian Aesthetic Center (ACC) has an effective method to slim down the body and face which can melt fat away. It is so good that ACC’s co-founder Dra. Amy Bautista has registered a trademark for “Melt and Freeze The Fat Away”.

Melt and freeze the fat away is a non-invasive procedure that slims down and will melt fat away permanently. This exclusive procedure of Dra. Amy Bautista of Asian Aesthetic Center incorporates the utilization of both controlled heat and freezing technique that will effectively melt fat away for good. As the fat cells self-destruct, it will eventually die then gradually be eliminated naturally from the body. So far, this is an effective and safest fat elimination procedure in the Philippines today that Asian Aesthetic Center can best provide.

Asian Aesthetic Center Unique Approach to Beauty

With Dra. Amy Bautista as the medical director and founder, she incorporates a personal approach in dealing with each client. Being born with artistic talent, at a very young age, she has master anatomy specifically facial and body symmetry which she as a professional medical doctor who specialized in aesthetics integrate on all Asian Aesthetic Center slimming and beauty procedures.
Being true to the fact that each person is born differently with unique set of facial/body features, Asian Aesthetic Center ‘freeze and melt fat away’ high-tech and effective fat melting treatment conforms to each individual bodily structure.
Asian Aesthetic Center adheres to the philosophy that each client deserves a tailor-made treatment that would provide natural results. Dra. Amy Bautista list of patients at ACC come up looking naturally beautiful with slimmer waist, sleeker thighs, toned arms, lesser facial lines and even with firmed well-defined chin and neck. This is what the exclusive trademarked ‘melt and freeze the fat away’ can do to anybody who wishes to become naturally good looking with youthful features.
Have you ever thought of getting rid of your body fat for good? Have you ever wonder if there is a way to melt fat away? Like many Asian people, we Filipinos are prone to storing fats in our bodies and these fatty deposits get into areas that we are not most proud of.

Asian Aesthetic Center can help and with Dra. Amy Bautista around, you can surely freeze and melt fat away. Schedule a FREE consultation with Dra. Amy Bautista now and be in your best form just in time for Christmas.

Come and visit their website at
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Relaxation at Jasmine Therapeutic Spa.

One of the luxuries a girl can have is a good massage. A massage can be very beneficial to your body since it eases out the tension in our muscles and also improve blood circulation. I actually have tried out a new place in Fairview so if you are near SM Fairview/Lagro area, I got you covered okay?

Jasmine Therapeutic Spa is not just your ordinary spa because its therapists are certified pros at this. They do recommend you the best service for your needs. I was able to try their full body massage with hot stone and also their foot reflexology and express massage. But the one I liked the most is their full body massage with hot stones and also Ventosa because they use bamboo cups unlike the typical glass that is used for that procedure. 

Those were the best massages I have gotten in my life!

One thing also that Jasmine Therapeutic Spa offers is that they have their own custom services that can help your health to improve like an ear spa and nose spa. They do have a daytime rate and night time rate. Although the prices may vary, they actually are worth every cent. 

Jasmine Therapeutic spa also offers home service but there is an additional fee for the transportation of the therapist. Overall my experience was exceptional, I will go back here although it is quite far from my place but its definitely worth it because the therapist will give you the most relaxing massage you will ever experience. 

Jasmine Therapeutic Spa is located along Bristol St. in Fairview, Q.C. 

Much Love! 
xx Alice

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Atienza Naturale: Wonders of Malunggay in a Capsule!

I remember as a child hearing the word Malunggay as my cousin's nickname and also a vegetable we usually when there is Tinola for dinner. I never actually researched the health benefits of this vegetable and I was surprised that it contained Vitamin A, B-Vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. 

I was able to know this when I attended an event of Atienza Naturale. They actually produce Malunggay capsules that is very beneficial to your health. 

Besides from the things I mentioned earlier, Moringa Oleifera which is the scientific name of Malunggay also has high content of potent antioxidants which can also diminish wrinkles and fine lines due to aging, this can also prevent an onset effect of various chronic disorders such as arthritis, cancer, kidney and cardio vascular diseases. 

Me and some bloggers that attended the event had the opportunity to meet one of the owners of Atienza Naturale, Ms. Chi  Atienza and also Dr. Rainier Mozo which shared to us some things about the effects of Malunggay that can help us live longer. 

Of course we were also given some of the malunggay capsules to try ourselves. I have already started drinking the capsule last Sunday but one of the effects I've noticed is that since I drink the capsule before a meal, my metabolism has changed a bit. 

One thing that I should add as well to this is that the Maluggay capsule is all natural, from the components to its capsule which is a vegetable based capsule which doesn't harm the liver the longer you take this. 

I will do a review on the capsules soon by the end of the month to share my thoughts with you guys. 
You can purchase Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsules at any drugstore in the market! 

For more information you can check out Atienza Naturale on their social media accounts. 

Much Love! 
xx ALice

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Robinson's Supermarket Indoor Cycling Challenge

One of the things I did prior to being a full time blogger is to bike. I am not the best to be honest, but the health benefits of cycling if you want to lose weight is tremendously effective.

I used to do outdoor cycling so I decided why don't I try indoor cycling. It was really out of my comfort bubble but its worth a try right?

I am really thankful to be part of Robinson Supermarket's Indoor Cycling Challenge for their North Luzon leg that was held in Robinson's in Pampanga.

The event wasn't just the challenge itself but there were also other activities the attendees can enjoy like food tasting, playing kinect and wii games, a photobooth, and also free nutrition council by a certified nutritionist.

The whole challenge consists of an exercise round in which you get used to the cycling for about 15 minutes and a competition round that is for 20 minutes.

The cycling round was a little intense already for me because I didn't know that you can do a push up which cycling! Honestly that was crazy.

Then the competition round. Initially, I didn't really plan on joining because my legs were a bit jelly from the first round but then why the heck not right? Its an experience of a lifetime so why not do it.
And the twenty minutes was actually easier since the only basis is the farthest distance.

Here is a tip I can give you - Watch a Kpop related video to keep your adrenaline pumping so you can cycle faster.

I was actually watching some BTS videos while cycling because it was crazy!

But if you are not like me when it comes to cycling, there will be music pumping you up.

I actually did well for someone who is on the chubby side. For a twenty minute cycling session I was able to reach about 11 KM. That is a big deal for me since its been a while since I last used a bicycle.

If you are interested to join, make sure to check Robinson Supermarket's Facebook page for the next leg!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

365 days of Happiness Challenge: Day 7 SPOTIFY!

If you have been a reader / follower you know already how much I love spotify. Ever since I discovered that app, it has been a match made in heaven! 

Spotify makes my life so much great with all the music in the world I can listen to. 

I know its quite weird to say it but without spotify in my day it is simply not the same. 

I just love listening to songs that this app makes me so happy when I see its icon on my phone. 

I will try to make a playlist favorites soon here and also on my youtube channel so just give me some time to compose the perfect playlist that will tell you more about me. 

Seriously I have TONS of songs on my spotify library I need to sort them out. 

So yeah. Spotify makes me happy. I know its so shallow but sometimes the things that we use and see often does make us happy too so don't judge me. 

Much Love! 

xx ALice
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